Large Group

When: Every Monday night at 7:45pm

Where: Nursing Building 103B

What: Large Groups are the best place to stop in to check out what RUF is all about. We meet for an hour or so, sing worship songs together (usually older hymns rewritten to modern music), listen to Vinnie (our campus minister) teach a section of the Bible, and then hang out afterwards (typically at Dairy Queen). 

Who: All are welcome to come - all years, all races, all religious or non-religious convictions. We will explore the truth-claims of Christ each week together.

This Spring: "Leaving Egypt: a series in the book of Exodus."
One of the beautiful and exciting things about studying the Old Testament is seeing how God has been intent on redeeming His people throughout ALL of the Bible, not just in the New Testament. Join us on Monday nights this semester as we study Exodus and see how the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt is also YOUR story.